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A Great Time With Poptropicon In Poptropica

The fantastic news is that PoptropiCon Island episode 1 is formally outside for everyone! You no longer need to be a paid member to play it.

This Island features your Poptropican in the center of a giant convention about to begin ticketless. You have to find a method to get a ticket to visit the convention, and solve multiple puzzles attempting to achieve just that! Contrary to other Isles, the customizer tool plays with a big role in this Isle when problem solving, and adds a new feature that is cool to the Island.

Also, there are many references in the posters stuck to the costumes people are wearing to other Islands.

Heck, there are even some references to outside world pop culture.


Learn How To Complete Skullduggery Island In Poptropica










Skullduggery Island is the recent island on Poptropica, a favorite online web site. Paid subscribers have had access since May, and the general public can play starting on June 17. Skullduggery is the most challenging and complex quest released on Poptropica so far. This article covers the full Skullduggery Island walkthrough.

Enter the island from the Island Map and climb down to Fort Ridley, one of several small islands scattered about in the ocean. For the first part of the island, you will collect items that lead to other items and clues. Once you have a ship, transacting and combat will be part of the island quest.

To begin, head through the initial place and run over the bridge into the subsequent area. On the far side, climb down into the stream and go left to get the Doubloon from the sand.

Go back up and over the bridge to the left. Then run over to the General Store and use the doubloon within your backpack to obtain a bag of chicken feed from the person on the inside.

Go outside and find the guy with the chickens and then give the bag of feed to him. He will give you a chicken.

Next head back over the big wood bridge and you’ll arrive at a location where there is corn growing although there are pests all over the place. Open your pack and click to use the chicken. It will walk along the ground and eat all the bugs. The man will be thrilled and gives you a blue candle.

Go far right past the Governor’s house, to the sea edge and speak with the woman there whose husband is lost at sea.

Enter the Governor’s house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The guy on the left tells you to find the map pieces and chase away Captain Crawfish. He says he’ll give you the final key to uncover the treasure once you do that.

Go back to the Fort and use the telescope at the top, where you will see a small raft. Signal the raft using the Broken Mirror, and it will dock.

A guy meets you on the dock and he is the man who has been lost at sea for so long. He is really happy to be safe back at Fort Ridley. He then gives you what’s left of his ship and you’ll find that you’ve already got a two-person crew ready to join you.

Click on your small ship to Embark and then go to Dragon Cove, which is up and to the left of the main island. Avoid sea creatures, and especially pirate ships, but try to pick up salvage items in the water.

When you arrive at Dragon Cove, click on the dock to explore the island. Now you can search for the first map piece which is hidden here in Dragon Cove. Jump down into the water and stand on top of the statue that is floating there. You’ll find a mallet which will go into your backpack. Push the crate with the fisherman sitting on top of it to the right as far as it will go and then use the mallet you just found while you stand next to the gong. This will send fish up for the old man to catch, and he will give you the map piece. You cannot immediately afford a new ship, or the services of the Shipwright, who can repair damage while underway. Ships and crew cost thousands of doubloons. Visit the trading post and purchase all of the Silk from the trader that you are able to. If you have any Spice, sell it here.

Sail to Bouffant Bay, to the right, again avoiding pirates and creatures but picking up salvage from the water.

The guy here when you arrive on the pier can provide a little clue regarding the hidden map piece on this island. Go right until you see the island’s trader, who will buy any salvage, or your Silk cargo from Dragon Cove at a premium. This trading post sells Medicine at a very cheap price so buy as much as you can while you are here. Go right to the residence with three Hanging Fern Baskets. Jump up and touch the one on the right, then the one on the left, and finally the one in the middle. After you hit all three baskets in that specific order, the map piece appears and you can take it. In the nearby Willard’s Warehouse is the Cargo Master, who can increase your cargo space for any ship by 50%. He’s probably too expensive to hire for now, but he is one of the first crew members you should get because having him means you earn doubloons faster. Be sure to buy a cargo of Medicine.

Now it’s time to leave and go to the next island, Parrot Port, which is south of Bouffant Bay. As soon as your ship arrives at the dock, walk to the right and go to the Trading Post, where you should sell all the Medicine cargo and anything else you’d like. You probably don’t want to buy any new cargo here because it’s all too expensive at this port. Go inside the Pub. You’ll find the Navigator here, who you can hire later on if you like. She makes your ship go faster, which can be helpful when trying to escape monsters and pirate ships. At upper left is a Cracker. Walk outside and return to the Trading Post. Here you’ll see a Parrot and you should click on him. It will tell you to dunk yourself in the sea and come back to find it. Go back to your boat and swim in the ocean, then find the parrot on the window sill of one of the buildings above the Trading Post. The parrot will tell you to clog the vent and he’s talking about a chimney on top of one of the other buildings over to the right. Go stand on that chimney to stop the smoke from coming out. Now the parrot is at the palm tree at far right, and tells you to see the pirate in the tower near the shore, who is the parrot’s owner. Go to him, then locate the parrot atop the buildings (you may have to dunk yourself and do the chimney again). All parrots like crackers, so use the one in your backpack to get the parrot to fly to you. Then the pirate will give you a map piece.

Sail to Golden Harbor, directly below, home of the Golden Harbor Bank. When you go inside the bank, you can borrow doubloons which let you buy more cargo for trading and earn money quickly. You can have the loan for up to 20 days at 5% interest per day. To get the map piece here, you have to light three of the five street lights, some of which go out when others are turned on. The correct order to light the lanterns is to get the fifth one first, then the third one, then the fourth and followed by the second and first. The map piece will then fall down from the archway. Before you leave Golden Harbor, visit the trading post and buy as much grain as you can.

Next, emark for the Pirate Outpost, which is due West of Golden Harbor and dock your ship. Find the trading post. Then sell all of your grain at a profit and buy as much spice as you possibly can. Go all the way up to the top of the island and you’ll find a small building with a sign that says Corsair Cannonry. Go inside the cannonry. The cannoneer is here and later you can hire him to join your crew because he helps you fire your cannon faster. Go back outside the cannonry and jump up to the top of the mast with the pirate flag on it. There is a box here that is a cannon starter kit and it will let you fire the cannons around the island. Jump down and to the left and you will see a barrel of explosives. Push it down and it will drop into the water below. Leap off the platform and land next to the barrel in the water below. Push the barrel to the right and place it directly underneath the gold tooth in the big skull statue. Go left and fire the cannon there. The cannonball will hit the barrel of explosives, which will blow up. The explosion will shake the gold tooth and the hidden map piece will fall out.

The Circular Trade Course: Cruise back to Dragon Cove, directly up, and sell the Spice there. Now you have established a clockwise “trading route” that will enable you to slowly build your wealth and buy larger ships and more cargo, and eventually hire some or all of the four helpful skilled crewmen. You can use any trading routes you want, but this basic circle will get you profits faster than any other way. On each loop through, if you have enough money to upgrade your ship, do it at the shipbuilders. Bigger ships have bigger holds for carrying more cargo. That means you’ll earn more profits very quickly.

Once you have upgraded to the Phoenix Warbird, the biggest ship you can have, you should be able to confront Captain Crawfish. It will help if you have a full crew, especially the cannoneer and the ship repair guy. When you’re ready to fight Captain Crawfish, sail down to Skullduggery Island in the lower left section of the map and he’ll turn up for battle. Once you defeat Captain Crawfish in battle, sail back to Fort Ridley. When you arrive, go back to the house with the Governor inside. The governor gives you a bone shovel, which you need to dig up treasure, and he shows you exactly where to find it on Skullduggery Island.

Get back on your ship and sail to Skullduggery Island. Dock there and then go to the hill with the flag. Then walk six paces to the right, and use the bone shovel to dig up the treasure. After you dig up the treasure, Captain Crawfish and his dastardly pirate crew surprise you. With them is the Governor’s aide who was working for Crawfish the whole time.

You do not have to fight Crawfish though. Fortunately, your crew arrives just in the nick of time and captures Crawfish and his pirates. You then return to Fort Ridley to return the treasure to the island. As a reward, the Governor gives you the island medallion and you’ve finished the quest.

Mythology Island Tips And Tricks

Here is a detailed tutorial to winning Mythology Island in Poptropica.

Mythology Island is based on classic Greek Mythology and it’s one of the most popular islands to play in Poptropica.

To the left of Main Street is the Tree of Immortality. Reach the top by bouncing off mushrooms, jumping on branches, and scaling the snakes.

Talk to the satyr and he’ll inform you to collect 10 jars of honey . When you’ve got them all, return to the satyr and he will open a secret path for you to  go here now.

Walk across the satyr’s secret path. Click on the branch above to knock the golden apple down.

After you decide the Golden Apple, Zeus will appear. He can give you the Sacred Things Scroll.

Click on the Sacred Items Scroll inside your back pack to learn more about all the different things you should locate and bring to Zeus.

Jump up onto the top of the acqueduct. Turn the switches at each juncture to drive the water to fall into the pool down below the Sphinx.

Now the water is flowing into the pool, the Rare Bloom will blossom right next to the Sphinx.

Pick the Pomegranates from the tree above the Sphinx.

Return to Main Street and go inside the Museum of Olympus. You’ll find the Starfish stuck to the face of Poseidon’s statue.

You may get a free Reed Pipe in Apollo’s Temple.

Once the Reed Pipe is in your backpack, click on the statue of Euterpe and she’ll coach you on how to play with a tune. You’ll want to memorize the musical notes and then repeat them to complete the task.

Once you’ve learned the tune, Euterpe provides you with a duplicate of the Pipe Tune to keep in your backpack.

Head over to gain access and the Labryinth to the entrance by making use of the Reed Pipe to play with the melody you see on the door. The correct sequence of notes to play is Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Crimson, Azure, Green.

You’ll leave a strand of golden thread behind you, when you walk through the maze. Follow it back to your last turn if you get lost inside.

The bones puzzle is a riddle. Remove six of the bones so that the remaining bones spell the word, “Ten.”

When you arrive at the snakes mural, click three with the reddish spiral eyes to open the gate and pass through.

After you have completed the challenges of the Labyrinth, discuss to the Minotaur to get his Ring.

Head to the right to the temples and help the worker clean up all the graffiti on the temple of Hades to earn a Drachma.

Place the Pomegranates on the altar in Hades’ Temple to enter the underworld.

Now there is a brief mini-game where you must avoid the obstacles while crossing the river on the boat.

When you are done with the boat ride, you’ll find Cerebus on the shore. Put him to sleep by playing the special melody you learned on your Reed Pipe and then take his whisker.

Time to visit the shore! Enter Poseidon’s Temple and place the Starfish on the altar interior. You will be transported to Poseidon’s Realm.

Aphrodite will request that you name several Greek gods. Every one of their identities can be found in the Museum of Olympus.

After you complete Aphrodite’s quiz, she will offer you the Touchscreen Mirror as a reward.

Head left and dive down underwater when you reach Poseidon’s Statue. In case you ‘re running out of atmosphere, you are able to fill up your oxygen by swimming over the growing bubbles.

Find the oyster in Poseidon’s Realm. Wait until it opens up and then grab the Pearl.

To beat against the Hydra, you need to jump in the air just as it strikes and then land along with each of its heads. That will knock it out.

After you conquer the Hydra, click on its sleeping kind to pick up the Hydra Scale.

Now you’ve got all five of the Sacred Things in your property. Return to the tree and speak with Athena.

His scheme and Zeus returns is revealed. He steals the Sacred Things.

Use the Touchscreen Mirror to warp to the underworld. Hercules will move the boulder for you.

Once you are inside Hades’ throne room, speak with him and he will give you his crown to aid you in your fight against Zeus.

Next, use the Touchscreen Mirror again to travel to Poseidon’s Realm. Hercules will open up the way for one to enter.

Speak with Poseidon, who is sitting on his throne. He’ll provide you with a strong weapon to aid in your battle with Zeus.

Once you have Hades’ Crown and Poseidon’s Trident, warp with Hercules to the gates of Olympus. He can open the gate.

Purchase a Bag of Wind from Aeolus at the foundation of Mt. Olympus. It costs one Drachma.

Use the Bag of Wind to fly partway up Mt. Olympus. Afterward bound the rest of the manner.

Shoot Zeus with Poseidon’s Trident to damage him. Prevent wind gusts and his lightning bolts. Pick up pink clouds to restore your energy.